The SMOK Xpro M22 Mod: Not Just Blowing Smoke

With every new week, there is another new box mod, or the industry rehashes an earlier model, providing it with extra features or tweaking something. The SMOK Xpro M22 box mod will not be overlooked in this field, even though it’s a 22W mod while mods are reaching heights of 150W and more. Why will it stand out among the rest? Read more and find out.

Unexpected Hybrid Function

Usually, vapers prefer a mechanical mod or an adjustable one. If they like both, it is a matter of switching between items. The SMOK Xpro M22 can be used in either way just by pressing a button.

Xpro M22

Go fully mechanical and drop below 1 ohm (the lowest setting at 22W) to a minimum of 0.5 ohms. Otherwise, the range is 1 to 4 ohms and 6 watts to 22 watts, enough for most experienced vapers.

High Power, High Temperature

Any mod that is capable of variable wattage can reach phenomenal temperatures; values which, in the hands of incompetent users or manufacturers could hurt somebody. SMOK is not incompetent, but if you happen to vape over-time or wrap your coils to a lower value than you expected, the XPro M22 protects you and the mod from high temperatures. Other protective features might also be included, but double-check as I saw no mention of reverse battery protection, low-voltage protection, or other safeguards.

More Elements of the Smok XPro M22

This is a really slim rectangular box mod: not fancy at all, but palm sized (22 mm by 38 mm by 85 mm). It comes in black, silver, gold, or grey. Inside is a 2200-mAh battery you have to charge via the built-in USB port. An aluminum-zinc alloy makes the box sturdy yet light.

Fitting an Atomizer

Use the spring-loaded brass contact pin to fit any 510 atomizer you care to try. SMOK makes several of their own which would suit this device nicely.

The SMOK Mini RDA is one such option.


Smok’s Scar RDA features claw marks, like the kinds left by a wild animal. Either of these dripping RDAs would create excellent flavor from thick e liquids and bring out the best in complex flavors by people like Halo, Five Pawns, and The Standard.

The Gimlet is a sub-ohm tank for use with 20W to 80W mods, or the VCT Sub-ohm holds 3.8 ml of liquid and provides 4 types of atomizers to choose from. Kanger also makes several tanks which would be compatible with the XPro M22 either using low ohms or sub-ohms.

Pricing for the XPro M22

The SMOK XPro M22 costs from $30 to $40 without anything extra. Add a battery and an atomizer, bringing your total to around $80 or so unless you fit an authentic, limited edition RDA to the top.

Get these while you can from various online retailers. Their slim profile, though without embellishment or unique design qualities, hides powerful function and quality design.

The XPro M22 will compete strongly against the iStick 30W because it’s a hybrid and because this is an affordable option. With a good price on their side, SMOK can expect to sell out quickly and compete strongly in the VW market.


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