Zephyr Ion Vaporizer Review: High-Quality Only

The artist who created the Zephyr Ion Vaporizer must have been having a nostalgic day. His thoughts turned to an old-fashioned mortar and pestle; tools apothecaries used to crush substances which became ingredients in pain killers, ointments, and the various drugs that now come packaged in tubes or pill bottles.

That is an interesting association to make because many vaporizer manufacturers stress the relationship between their job and that of the makers of accepted healthcare tools. Vaporizers are often used to improve the lives of individuals with lung complaints, chronic pain, and conditions for which there is no cure, only treatment (MS and fibromylagia, for instance).

Zephyr Ion Review

But you will probably find a review of this device or any other vaporizers in the pages of medical journals, at least not yet. That day might still come. For now, consumers exploring alternative ways to improve their health will turn to vaporizers and research will lead them to items like this.

Zephyr Ion Vaporizer

The Zephyr Ion is not a cheap device. It ranks with the Cloud EVO and the Volcano as far as price is concerned: $459.99 from the manufacturer. For that amount of money, however, you receive a device made from excellent quality materials.

I like the clean ceramic heating element, although food-grade silicone and Teflon do not impress me. Silicone is okay, but there are doubts about Teflon. I would agree that it is better than plastic. Stainless steel and mesh make up the filtering system.

Air Purity

Here is how the Zephyr keeps heating elements and air pathway from coming into contact: 25 air channels and 8 coils ensure no metal fumes are released into the vapor. This led me to wonder: aren’t there systems designed to seal off the vapor path so it doesn’t matter what parts heat up?

I could be naive here, but surely there doesn’t need to be a complicated system of coils and air channels; just a well-sealed avenue. But at least the company has addressed this potential issue. I wonder how the various channels and coils affect heating/cooling, insulation, and energy efficiency.


The mechanism heats up very quickly according to makers of the Zephyr Ion. Plug it into the wall with a 10 foot cord (plenty long) and enjoy constant power.

A screen shows temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Lights come on to indicate when a power level has been achieved. Use “up” and “down” buttons to set temperature: it’s that easy. Two to three minutes later it’s time to start vaping from a balloon. Set the heater to as low as 100F or as high as 440F.

Balloon System

That’s right: the Zephyr Ion isn’t Christened thus for nothing. What does “Zephyr” make you think of if not a hot air blimp? These durable, color-coded bags attach completely without loss of vapor.

Zephyr ion with bag

A quiet pump fills them. Thanks to those color codes, you will always know whose bag is whose as you pass them around.

A Zephyr Ion package comes with 2 bag valve sets, mouthpieces already attached. There are two filling baskets, a liquid pad set, two replacement air filters, two replacement baskets, seal washers, screens, and bag ties. Since 2008, it sounds like this manufacturer has been trying to perfect a system which would become a household name just like the Volcano and even surpass that German feat of vaporizer technology.

What’s Holding the Zephyr Back?

Why do consumers still associate the Volcano with greatness and overlook the Zephyr? It might be that the Volcano just catches their eye more with its clean good looks and stainless steel body. The black Zephyr body is almost too black, which doesn’t give the outer shell that same clean appearance.

The flip-top lid of the Zephyr looks great, but this machine is already 10.75″ (almost a foot) tall without a balloon attached. Maybe the makers of Zephyr Ion vaporizers are not as good at promoting their product as Storz & Bickel are.

With the herb sample and the price of $459.99 (compared to the Volcano at over $600 with an Easy Valve balloon system), the Zephyr is certainly cheaper. But if you are paying this kind of money anyway, the general opinion (especially where overall good health is concerned) would be to buy one machine that’s going to be your last machine. Even though you can operate the Zephyr one-handed, it needs an advertising boost to bring it out of the Volcano’s shadow.