E Hookah Pens

What is the difference between an e hookah and an e cig? There isn’t really anything technical that sets them apart. Both are relatively small pen-shaped devices operated by a battery, sometimes with a button to activate the atomizer but often activated by puffing.

If they are roughly the same size as e cigs, these pens last for a couple of hours. Larger ones are rated for up to 1,200 puffs. That’s an unrealistic figure, but you know those ones should last half a day.

Costs for Electronic e Hookah Pens

Disposable e hookah pens can cost a little more than e cigs for one-time-use: $7 vs. $5 for the really cheap ones, and few extremely cheap e hookahs are available. There is a lot of choice, though; more disposable flavors than you find in the case of disposable e cigs. Several businesses offer freebies if you buy a certain number: six for the price of 5, for instance.

Cigavette e hookahsE Hookah Flavors

The main aspect of an e hookah that sets it apart is flavor.

Hookahs in the Middle East vaporize a sweet mixture; not the often dry stuff found in cigarettes or herbal vaporizers.

Yes, there are sweet types of tobacco, but hookah is sweet by default. Flavors are often fruity, based on cocktails or fruit-based desserts.

It is unusual for an e hookah menu not to be strongly weighted in favor of fruits like blueberries, strawberries, melon, and peach. You often see flavors like Appletini or Strawberry Daiquiri.

E hookahs are available with and without nicotine. Generally speaking, e hookahs come in very low nicotine values like 0.6% or 1.2%, but do not assume anything. Always read the rating to be sure. A few companies make them as strong as 2.4% which is enough to provide a substantial buzz.

Appearance of an E Hookah

E cigs are often tan and white, sometimes black or all white. That goes for disposables and for a lot of cigalikes as well. Later, when you buy rechargeable items, color choice frequently expands.

Companies like V2 Cigs, Halo, and Vapor4Life supply a wide selection such as pink, stainless, blue, green, and so on. There are not usually any patterns or pictures on these items unless you buy wraps for them; just the logo appears.

E hookahs by various companies (such as Cigavette, Starfire, and others) are more ornate. They have images on them of fruits, colored vapor, tropical scenes, and other scenes far removed from cigarettes.

You would not mistake one of these for an analog, even with the LED tip lighting up, but the last color a manufacturer would choose for the tip is traditional orange. White or blue are more common.

The tip of a regular e cig usually blends into the rest of the tube like the tip of a cigarette does: it’s all part of the same shape. Manufacturers often add a silver mouthpiece tip to their e hookahs to emulate the look of a real hookah pipe. Combined with a colorful exterior this is a lovely feature.

Rechargeable E Hookahs

You can buy a rechargeable e hookah, but it’s really an e cig using hookah flavors. Attractive mouthpieces are available in multiple shapes, colors, and materials.

They operate in exactly the same way as an electronic cigarette using a rechargeable battery and an atomized cartridge which can be refilled or is sealed depending on the brand. The maker advertises his juice as hookah juice because of the sweet varieties he carries.

Many of these items are eGo-style: larger batteries, always battery-operated with clear tanks for refilling. Remember that a glass tank alone will handle some of the acidic juices like lemon and lime, but for most flavors a plastic tank works fine. Consider brands like Fantasia and Luxury Lights.


There are a few e hookahs on the market designed to look like very small versions of a traditional hookah which is very large for social vaping. Small, battery-operated items still have two tubes and mouthpieces so that a pair of vapers can enjoy a tasty gathering, sweet aromas filling the air.

They aren’t necessarily more effective than e cigs, but a traditional appearance makes for a different atmosphere when you vape and offers an attractive decorative piece on one’s coffee table or mantelpiece.