Vapor Blunt Baker Dab Vaporizer Review

That’s a mouthful: the Vapor Blunt Baker Dab Vaporizer. But it serves to remind people who made this latest device from those behind the Palm and Pinnacle Pro, both highly-rated wireless vaporization products.

Their new vaporizer heats up quickly to a seriously high temperature without combusting materials. The Baker Dab handles herbs and waxes with equal confidence. Here is a Baker Dab Vaporizer review to give you a feel for the device vape experts are calling one of the finest desktop vaporizers currently available in its class.

That’s Saying a Lot

Right now, there is tons of competition for that top spot; innovation bringing amazing things to the discerning vaper, especially in the class of medical-grade vaporizers. I wouldn’t say that the Baker Dab was made for such a lofty purpose. It’s got excellent credentials for someone who just wants to vape because it tastes good and smoking was a killer.

Baker by Vapor Blunt

But don’t try to compare it with a VapeXhale, Herbalizer, or Volcano. That would be doing Vapor Blunt a disservice.

Strange-Looking Product

A lot of reviewers praise the looks of Vapor Blunt’s first plug-in unit, but I think it looks strange. At first, I thought it was the foot of a small vacuum cleaner: the heating element sits at the back, slightly raised above a small screen as though something should fit into the foot: a leg. Of course something fits there: your whip and tube system.


The display shows values up to 700F, which is amazing: maybe not even necessary. Sometimes vape manufacturers focus so much on outdoing other companies that they forget there is a time to stop.

I can’t imagine why I would want to vape anything at 700F and can only hope that if I get to that point the machine won’t blow up. Of course, you don’t have to go that high: it’s just an option.

If this was a vacuum cleaner foot, the body would have to be small: maybe a handheld machine for keeping the car clean. The Baker Dab takes up only 5″ sideways and 4″ vertically. That is small: look at pictures online showing the Baker Dab next to comparable products by Arizer, Storz & Bickel, and 7th Floor. You can really see how compact it is.

Puny but Powerful

You might have found many products take up too much room to sit on a coffee table all the time with their intrusive profiles. They look odd next to photographs on doilies. The Baker Dab, however, disappears into this organized sentimental clutter like it belongs, offering an organization centerpiece around which everything finds its place.

It might be small, but the Baker Dab is efficient and a truly effective device, especially when you think it only costs $250. Vapor quality is excellent and thick.

The Baker Dab is easy to use; you won’t have to buy one of those “For Dummies” books to figure it out. Vapor Blunt supplies online support, however, if you ever have trouble, and the company is available with customer service as well.

The tiny screen shows how hot you want the heating element to become. It takes only 3 minutes to arrive at 400F; just 5 minutes for the full 700F. Adjust temperature using the simple analog dial. A simple switch turns it on and off.

Cheap Exterior

Vapor Blunt can afford to charge so little because the exterior is made of hard plastic and it only comes in black. The important parts are the ceramic heating element and glass globe for heating waxes. The herb chamber is made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is clean; glass is inert. Customers can even watch their materials vaporizing.

In the Box

Your Baker Dab by Vapor Blunt arrives with a power cord, tool, and adapters for a variety of tools like a water tool and whip. Vapor Blunt also sends bullet containers for your materials. Find one of these at all major vaporizer retailers online and in stores. Reviews are in and this is a great product in this price range.