Vaping 101 For New Vapers


You have seen it many times: a heading at vape stores entitled “Vaping 101.” That’s the number beginners’ courses at college were always given, whether for psychology, history, or English, so you know what the title means. New vapers should look here first and read before they start buying or making plans. Are these useful sections? What types of information will they contain?

The Basics

First of all, you need to know what an electronic cigarette is. At first, mods and APVs are of no interest. You will be well beyond the beginner stage by the time those high-tech, expensive devices come onto your radar. For now, it is enough to know the parts of an e cig and how they work.

The bottom two-thirds is a battery. This battery provides unregulated power (that is, voltage drops over time) to an atomizer (also known as a heating element). Atomizers are contained inside of cartridges which contain e-liquid and cartridges take up the other third of the e cig. A disposable will look like one whole stick, but rechargeables come apart into two pieces either by unsnapping or unscrewing.

E-liquid typically contains a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine. The blend is heated until it creates vapor. All you have to do is press a button or draw on the e cig as you would a cigarette. An LED tip lights up as you do this.

Mini Cig Articles

Great articles about vaping for the newly initiated or the curious consumer who hasn’t decided about e cigs appear on all-purpose sales or non-sales sites. Brand sites are skewed in favor of their style of e cig. You might decide the cigalike format is an essential starting place after reading an article for new vapers posted by a brand leader. These highlight the benefits of using a cigarette-like e cig and play down the limited satisfaction of a device that requires constant charging.

In the best case scenario, an article about e cigs will mention that cigalikes are right for anyone who needs to convince himself that vaping and smoking aren’t that far apart; that with a similarly shaped and similarly sized device between their fingers they aren’t really giving up cigarettes. Psychologically, this can make it easier to transition and eventually give up analog cigarettes.

There are manual and automatic versions of these devices. Explanations should focus more on the relative values of these two formats rather than trying to suggest mini cigs are an essential starting point. In reality, one only needs to start here if the idea of an electronic product that looks and feels realistic is appealing.

Articles for Your eGo

But you don’t have to begin with a 280-mAh battery (or less) which lasts 4 hours on a good day. You can begin with an eGo battery, and this is not that hard to use. The main differences between these and cigalike batteries are:

• Longer lasting battery charge
• Longer, wider dimensions
• Manual operation in most cases
• Always attaching a clearomizer or tank rather than an atomized cartridge
• Greater variety

An eGo is the same as a cigalike battery but usually you activate the atomizer by pressing a button. With cigalikes, you can do this using a “manual battery” or opt for an “automatic” with which the battery is activated when you draw.

A vaping 101 article should address the fact that it can feel strange at first to hold something the size of a cigar in your hands and also be clear about quality distinctions. You should usually stick with brand names like JoyeTech, Vision, and Kanger. Their reliability is better established than that of generic eGo products or those labeled with the name of a vaping company. Don’t skimp either: a poor quality product won’t last and could malfunction in a dangerous way, causing a fire or burning the consumer.

For the Vaping 101 section to be complete, there must also be a tutorial about filling a clearomizer. A lot of problems happen here where consumers get juice into the atomizer. This will ruin it. Learn about the types of e-liquid to start with such as those with a relatively balanced blend of PG and VG or more PG than VG to avoid the kind of thickness that clogs inexpensive tanks for new vapers. Also, learn about the notorious tank crackers which cause plastic tanks to cloud or crack.

More Information

Long-term costs of vaping and savings are among the interesting and encouraging statistics you might read over the internet. There will often be video tutorials for those who prefer to see how things work rather than just reading about them.

If there still seems to be a gap you need filled, talk to a real person. Go to a vaping store and ask the clerk to take one of these e cigs apart and show you how it works. Research stores carefully because some of them are more accommodating to brand new e cig consumers than others.