White Rhino Dube Vaporizer Review

The world of vaporizers is filled with extremes. From $30 to $650, you can own a piece of junk that works for a week or a product you predict will last 30 years or longer; a purely recreational vaporizer or one with a medical purpose.

White Rhino appears to concentrate on making items at the lower end of that scale: not week-long wimps, but products starting at the cheaper end for personal enjoyment. One of these is the Dube.

Dube Vaporizer Review

You might mistake this for a low-power e cig at first glance; it certainly doesn’t look powerful, and it’s not. A 280-mAh battery will require charging every few hours and produces a blast of heat for a while which gradually lessens until you find yourself recharging sooner than you expected.

Dube Vaporizer

It comes with a USB cable, tweezers (for getting into the skinny chamber), and a cleaning brush. You need to buy your own adapter for the house or car.

Customer Commentary

At least, consumer experience does not paint a picture of advanced technology or consistent performance. Customers only really like this unit if they take it for what it is: the next best thing to a disposable vaporizer.

In such cases, responses are positive. If you can find anything like that (besides a cigarette) then it would cost about $10 a time. This is a $40 investment: it should last you for a while and do its job; they say the battery will last 400 cycles.

Breakdown Bother

There are three parts: mouthpiece, herb chamber, and battery. It’s shiny enough for a magpie. Some unhappy consumers warn not to use it too long at one sitting or it becomes too hot to hold.

It is meant to fill in for a cigarette during a 15-minute coffee break, during which period you might have enough time for one refill and a few hits. In this case, you won’t get burned or be disappointed. Then someone who loves you can buy an advanced product for your birthday.

Vaping Discretely

But here is the great thing: if you prefer herbs over e liquid, you can pass this off for an e cig, no problem. It doesn’t look like you could possibly stuff tobacco into something so small.

Grind your herbs very finely and pack them lightly to avoid combustion. No one will be the wiser. That’s assuming anyone cares; in some parts of the world, there’s an e cig shop and a vaporizer vendor on every corner. If anything, this vape is going to look wimpy and inadequate in Los Angeles. In Des Moines, you might get a few looks.

Loading Dock

One thing about a small chamber: getting the goods in and out is a messy affair with or without tweezers. Cleaning will be a chore. In fact, it might seem too messy for the small amount you pack in and hardly worth the effort considering commentary mentioned above.

There are other, slightly bigger pens by White Rhino, Atmos, and others costing $10 to $50 more. Would I recommend you buy one? If this is an experiment, or maybe your first time vaping with herbs or waxes, give the Dube by White Rhino a try.

It heats up in 3 or 4 seconds and has its place in the pecking order. If you are onto bigger things and have bigger expectations, veer toward one of their more advanced products or check out a general vendor for other options. Be prepared to pay another $40 or more for quality, but you will not be disappointed if you do your research and understand that you get what you pay for.