iTaste MVP 20w vs iStick 20w

Two of the most popular mods in town are the Innokin iTaste MVP 20W and the iStick 20W by Eleaf. Both these mods provide the same maximum power level.

But is there anything about each one that is significantly different? If so, are those differences merely aesthetic or functional?

Narrow Bodies

Both devices contain batteries of similar size: 2600 (iTaste) and 2200 (iStick). These only take up the room of a cylinder mod, so the shape of each 20W mod is narrow, not bulky.

Many high-watt devices are rectangular; like old-fashioned cassette players. Various colors are available plus wraps and they cost about the same price: $30 or so. The MVP is coming down in price because Innokin released a 30W version.

Pass-through Vaping

Eleaf and Innokin have both created a pass-through device. Your vaporizers continue to function as the manufacturers intended while they charge because of a built-in USB port.

In other words, the battery does not come out to be charged (both cells are built in, so they are not intended for removal at all). You plug your entire device into a port, like one at the side of your laptop, and continue enjoying vapor.


There is a screen on each 20W mod, but Innokin uses a color coded light indicator to tell you when your battery is running out of power. “Green” stands for “fully charged.” A yellow light indicates a half-charge. “Red” means “stop vaping and start charging.” The iStick relies on its beautiful OLED screen to offer commands and warnings.


On the iStick, a black strip along one narrow side to the left of its front face features all controls and a display. This screen is one of the best I have ever seen: totally clear with big letters and numbers. You will see the resistance of your atomizer, how much charge is left in your battery, and volts or watts between two triangular plus/minus buttons and firing button.

The iTaste screen is a smaller affair above two very small buttons. The firing button is placed top-front-center. The readout is very good, but it just can’t compare with the iStick.

Protective Elements

Both the iTaste and the iStick contain built-in chips which prevent their hosts from self-destructing if a problem occurs. In fact, they prevent problems, full-stop.

For instance, a shorted-circuit won’t destroy your atomizer. If the battery is charging overnight, the charge finishes when your battery is full. It doesn’t keep going until you find a smoldering heap the next morning.

Each one shuts off if you try to vape past 10 seconds. This is what the industry refers to as “over-vaping” and can seriously overheat the device. You also receive protection against low-voltage, in which case the mod will switch off until voltage has risen sufficiently during the charge-up.

Range of Watts and Volts

The iTaste has a wider voltage range of 3.3V to 7.5V vs. 3V to 5.5V. This isn’t all that big a deal. The resistance limit for both units is 1 ohm.

What you might be more appreciative of overall, in the case of the Innokin iTaste 20W, is its capacity as a power bank. That’s a reason for the larger battery: you are supposed to charge up the iTaste to use for charging things like your iStick.