Vaporfi Platinum Pro Review

How can you show your love for someone who happens to be a smoker? Don’t nag him about his nasty habit and bombard him with statistics about cigarettes.

Tell him the cold hard facts about his health, how much he spends on smokes, and what they do to the environment and all you will do is make him feel guilty but uninspired. Instead, encourage a smoker with the alternative: e cigs, especially products by Vaporfi. Give your loved one a Vaporfi Platinum Pro Series starter kit this holiday season.

VaporFi Platinum ProPlatinum Pro Specs

It sounds like a sophisticated piece of vaporization hardware, and it is, but this combination of sleek parts is also very easy for a new vaper to use.

There is only one button to press and it activates the atomizer.

Break the Platinum Pro into its two parts: the battery and tank. They were not made for each other as you can see by looking at them, yet they could have been when you see the way they perform together.

The Pro battery possesses enough power at 650 mAh to make applying a Platinum tank worth your while. The Pro battery’s rating should give you at least half a day of vaping on a single charge.

Vaporfi Platinum tankThe Platinum tank measures 2.5 ml.

It uses 1.8, 2.2, or 2.4-ohm atomizers, and is configured with a bottom coil.

Although its color matches a Pro in the same shade, you will find the end result is unusual.

Usually, e cigs are created to form a cylindrical line without interruption but the Platinum Pro looks like the CN Tower. Its tank is wider than the Pro battery.

With the Vaporfi Pro Platinum Kit, customers receive a USB charger and a wall adapter. Two more atomizers are also included in the box.

New atomizers for this kit are sold in packages of 5 for $14.99. They fit both the Pro-L and Platinum tanks. This set sells for $59.99, but there are two other options for Pro fans.

Pro Kits

They can opt for the basic Pro starter kit with a black battery, black cartomizer, charging kit, and three atomizers. The Pro in colors comes in 8 other shades besides black or platinum and also two sizes: 650 mAh and 1000 mAh. Choose purple, red, pink, or green, for example.

There is a standard Pro-L clearomizer and a Pro-XL. Pro batteries are compatible with Titan, Tank, Premium, and Clear tanks as well (all made by Vaporfi). Both of these alternative kits with smaller tanks cost $49.99 and would also make lovely gifts, especially for someone who loves bright colors and a pen-style shape. (Use our promo code here for a 12% discount).

Platinum Pals

If you are fond of the Platinum tank and would rather swap the battery, choose a Rebel or a Pulse battery instead (both are high-powered batteries that will give you a day of vaping per charge). Vaporfi makes their products to be interchangeable with multiple models so that consumers can literally build their own kits.

Build them to do what you want: provide airflow control, extra e liquid capacity, or low resistance. Build for looks or ease of use.